300 Hour Advanced SivaOm Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga works on the level of one's body, mind, and soul. This has given rise to four broad classifications of Yoga: Karma Yoga where we utilise the body; Jnāna Yoga where we utilise the mind; Bhakti Yoga where we utilise the emotion and Raja Yoga where we utilize the energy. Each system of Yoga we practice falls within the gamut of one or more of these categories.

We teach SivaOm Yoga which includes all 4 branches of yoga (raja - karma - jnan - bhakti)  in its orignal form from India. The 300 Hour Advanced SivaOm Yoga Teacher Training is designed for those who seek to further their existing yogic studies. During this training we take on a whole new dimension of our own reality and some of the secret ancient practices without which ones growth in terms of yoga is not possible. To take this course a previous SivaOm 200 Hour Teacher Training or something equivalent is mandatory. The course will be delivered in English and upon successful completion of the course you shall be awarded a 300 unit of Teacher Training SIVA OM School of Yoga Certificate (registered with the Govt. Of India)  

Presenting my student a teacher training completion certificate with the Head of the Chancery of the Indian Embassy Mr. Gopal Ram Varma ji on right and the president of the Greek Yoga Association Mr. Aristotle ji on the left 


The 300 Hour Advanced SivaOm Yoga Teacher Training aims at taking your studies and practice to the ultimate level of existence by dwelling in the realities of the ancient flames of spirituality which are available only to the genuine seeker. If you have made it this far, then we must surely strive towards the final stages, for the goal is within our eyesight. We will aim to study deep 

Guru Gita
The Guru Gita is a cosmic dialogue between The God of Gods Shiv and his benevolent Goddess Parvati on the divine nature and role of a Guru in a humans life. In reality the Goddess knows all reality as Shiv and Shakti are one, but for the sake of humanity she takes the form of a Goddess so that humanity may learn from this dialogue. This ancient Hindu scripture is has been the foundation of the learned masters and explores the pure guru-shishya relationship.
Once Bhagwan Shiv was sharing the Supreme Truth with some rishis. As the rishis payed their reverence  to him, Bhagwan Shiv gave his reverence to someone else. Goddess Parvati was confused by seeing this and out of curiosity asked Bhagwan Shiv whom he had bowed down to. The great God of Gods informed her that he was bowing down to the Guru, thus further adding fuel to her curiosity. She urged him to elaborate on the role and nature of a Guru for the benefit of all humanity. Bhagwan Shiv honoured her request by dispelling the reality of Guru through mantras that came to be known as the Guru Gita. Written by the great rishi, Ved Vyas, the Guru Gita is a part of the holy Skanda Puran. The wisdom of the Guru Gita invokes and strengthens love and devotion in a spiritual seeker. It also inspires every seeker to become like the learned masters by realizing the inner light that exists in everyone.

Shiv Sutra 
The Shiv Sutra was revealed to and written down by and anciet Vasugupta in India. The Sutras are considered to be of divine origin. It is one of the most important resources of spirituality in the world. It outlines the teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and its focus on Advaita (non-dualism). The focus is on attaining the Ultimate Reality in which everything is created and dissolvedby Bhagwan Shiv to understand his own nature by projecting us as his own extensions all pver the universe. This ultimate state of existence is called Param Shiv and is beyond the understanding by the common human mind which is full of Maya. For attaining this state of Shiv for those who remember to reside in their own inherent-self-nature, which is of the nature of Shiva, no effort or no way is needed. For everyone else there are three ways for the attainment of Param Shiv described in the Shiv Sutra. 

Kashmir Shavisim
Is a system of the ancient Yogic and Tantrik teachings aimed at non duality. According to this philosophy there is no difference between God and Us. instead of the rather the regressive view that God is a supreme creator this tradition from The Kashmir region of India practiced by those who follow the Shaivism branch of Sanatan dharma see god and us as one. This profound tradition, long enshrouded in secrecy, is available to us today due to long time efforts to make it public to genuine seekers; it reveals the ascent of individual consciousness to universal God Consciousness. This subject is the key of the tradition that unlocks its secrets and provides the disciple with the tools necessary to venture into his/her own God Consciousness.

During this module we will present the deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of mantra and meditation that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today. This will expand your horizons about masculine and feminine energies, Self and world, universe and the Absolute into a living experience of the Infinite and Eternal both within and around you.

Mantra Yoga
The mythical and mystical energy of mantras is as intact today as it was thousands of years ago. All you need to know is how to invoke a mantra. We will study an interpretation of the philosophy and the reality of the mantric approach to yoga. This module aims at covering all the essentials and fundamentals of invoking the timeless mantras for material and spiritual fulfilment. Taking an in-depth view of the origin of mantras, why and how mantras work, how to choose a mantra and invoke it, how to succeed in mantra sadhana and everything else you need to know about mantra yoga.

Advanced Raja Yoga practice
Patañjali’s expounded The Yoga Sutra a few hundred years before Christ. It is one of the 6 main schools of Hindu philosophy. In it the legendary rishi lays down the blueprint for achievement in yoga; currently practiced the planet over. Patañjali attracts upon several concepts of his time and before and compiles it into a singular work of Hindu ethics that has been the foundational philosophy of yoga since.

The Yoga Sutras sets out a magical theory of ethical psychological science and maybe the oldest theory of analysis. For Patañjali; each thought tendencies shaped ones present behaviour ad character in reaction to ones past experiences. He argues that folks aren't helpless against such forces which and can radically alter their lives through yoga—a method of ethical transformation and perfection; that brings the body and mind of someone in line with their true nature. We will study an extended introduction that explains the challenges of accurately translating Indian philosophical texts; locate the historical antecedents of Patañjali’s text and situate Patanjali’s philosophy inside the history and contrast of scholastic Indian philosophy.

Ashtvakra Gita
By the greatest seers this topic is considered as perhaps the most profound literary work in all the worlds. It rarely gets the credit it should. Perhaps the greatest literary work on spirituality while undergoing this module we will cover the following major topics of this discourse:
Atmanubhava : Self-Realization
Laya Chatustaka : The Four Dissolutions
Bandhana and Moksha : Bondage and Liberation
Tattva swarup : Essence of Consciousness or Doctrine
Upasana : Inwardness
Nirvikalpa : Eternal Tranquillity
Jivanmukta : Liberated in the embodied state

Meditation and its techniques 
This module will explore all vedantic and yogic thoughts on meditation and its methods. For all the seekers of truth and practitioners of meditation this module is sure to provide flashes of deep insight helping them to reach Shiv Consciousness through meditation.

The course is taught by Yoga Guru Siddhartha Shiv Khanna from India (Founder of the SIVA OM yoga School). 

Was invited by the Indian Embassy to conduct a traditional yoga class celebrating the 4th international yoga day, I'm in the front row on right sitting with the Ambassador Mrs. Shamma Jain in the centre and the Head of Chancery Mr Gopal Ram Varma on the left.


Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna 
Born in an influencial, traditional and modern Hindu family in New Delhi, I was introduced to meditation and chanting at a very young age along with family household practice of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of surrendering oneself to God) and Karma Yoga (Yoga of selfless acts of goodness towards everyone and everything). Having gone to one of the best private school of the nation I became a professional swimmer and also went on to pursue a degree in fashion retail and merchandise management after having spent 18 months in Australia after i turned 18. The big change happened when i was invited to take part in a reality show called Big Switch in india. It was a struggle of a unique kind and I won the show. The biggest win was the changes it brought in me after my non stop interaction with the kids from slums during the duration of the show. I went on to handle my fathers construction business and I also became the business head of a fashion label for a short bit after this. All of that and much more at the age of 25, in a way i had it all and yet happiness wasnt a permanent state of existence. This made me think and realise that there have to be things beyond money, beyond fame, beyond power since none of this can keep me happy, there must be something which will keep me happy all the time. During these times of wanderings and wonderings I met Samara Kamui Bodhisatva on an online forum and he initiated me to meditation and taught me many important techniques of healing myself and others.

There after two very big events took place. The first one was the "Holy Royal Snan of Mauni Amavasya during the Mahakumbh Mela", this was the first time in life i felt god inside of me and outside of me, we hindus believe that by taking a bath in the meeting point of the 3 ancient rivers of india during the Brahma Mahurta (moment of creation) when Jupiter is in the 1st sign Aries and the Sun and the Earth’s moon are in the 10th sign Capricorn; or Jupiter in the 2nd sign Taurus and the Sun in Capricorn, a person gets Moksh (freedom from all suffering, freedome from the cycle of birth death and rebirth, freedom from the universal laws of space, time and karma), at that moment was perhaps my first real taste of yoga, it was a union and of the body with the mind, the mind with the soul and the souls with Shiv consciousness and no words are sufficient enough to express that infinite blisswhich i felt in each single breath and moment of existence. The second big and perhapsthe final step towards buuryig the old step was more intense in terms of what would happen. In Kedarnath jyotirling, high in the upper himalayas an epiphany happned (perhaps ill tell you the full story one day), this sealed my fate, it was a divine intervention. I came back and renounced my work. After, I studied and practiced Raja yoga (the yoga of the self) under the guidance of my Guru ji from India Shri Yogi Anoop ji. At this time i was doing only two things, practicing and studying, from 6 till 11 i would do asan practice and then rest of the day i would read scriptures and ask questions from my guruji. Gyan Yoga (Yoga of knowledge) was feeding my brain and Raja Yoga was feeding my body but much too my joy life was completely changing on physical, mental and spiritual level. I became balanced, stable and was closer than ever to the self realization and god realisation. Then my guruji felt the need for me to start teaching others. In my present i spend most of my time assisting seekers find peace and reach the ultimate state of bliss. From time to time im busy in expounding the ancient scriptures and view points from my own expeiences to seekers so that they may achieve self realisation and god realisation and reach the ultimate goal of the soul of mergence with Shiv Consciousness.

Was invited in my capacity as a Yoga Guru to the state visit of His Excellency the Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind to Greece


Upcoming Teacher Training Dates 2020 - 2021:
16th February 2020 -  21st May 2020
The course duration is approximaely 18 - 20 weeks. Its a Non Residential Programme where studies and letures are conducted over the weekends from 10:00-19:00 every saturday and sunday. 

The location: Athens, Greece.
The ancient birth place of democracy with deep rooted mythology adds to the charm of traditional yoga training. This teacher training can be conveniently done over a period of 3 months just by attending weekend classes. At the end you will get authentic training through traditional methodolgy by the first and only Indian teacher of Yoga who lives in Greece.

300 Hour Advanced SivaOm Yoga Teacher Training Donation
2000€ Per Person 

Prices include:
* 300 units of teachings
* SIVA OM School of Yoga Certificate (registered with the Govt. Of India)

Price does not include:
* Accommodations 
* Meals 

Siddhartha Shiv Khanna
Whatsapp / Viber / Facetime: +306909729311

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