Lolita Lopez (लोलिता लोपेज)

Lolita was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. She is a crusader for women’s health issues, childhood education and community service. She earned a BA in Global Studies from the University of California in Santa Barbara & her 200 Yoga Teacher Training at CorePowerYoga Santa Barbara. She is proudly bicultural and bilingual. She current travels all around the world, Mexico City is where home is for now. She is the founder of Yogiando which is a lifestyle blog about roaming outdoor spaces, especially around Santa Barbara, travel and sampling good food. It’s about the practice of Yoga, her favorite places to enjoy coffee and tea with friends and service to community. Sometimes it’s about her current favorite read and just moving and feeling good. Her job is to make HER happy and share what makes HER happy with all of you. She constantly aims at striving for an elevated quality of life enhanced by technological advancements, lessons learned and self-empowerment; while having fun in life.