Mihaella Miu ( मिहेला मिउ)

MihaellaMiu (मिहेलामिउ ), is an internationally accredited yoga teacher; children's yoga instructor. She will guide you from A to Zen in this fascinating journey of YOGA. She isa mother, a wife, and passionate practitioner of yoga, nutrition, ayurveda and personal development. Travelers own beginnings were revealed once we got on the Asian continent. My body rebelled after stress and lifestyle in recent years and I need yoga too though not know then how this complex system.

When she fully understands the subtle aspects and the way the body is controlled by the life force (prana) and strength of consciousness (chitta) represented by mental and emotion, she decided that everything she experienced and gathered be shared with those around her. Initially she practiced yoga on the recommendation of doctors, slightly sceptical, but then her vision has expanded beyond the holistic approach, towards passion, observing and enjoying every goal achieved. She tried to keep her regular practice in the country, which is why she made long commute outside of Ploiesti, trying to raise her level of training and to evolve in personal practice. The results were not left waiting, she finally enrolled in Ploiesti in 2014 among cities where yoga is a lifestyle and hasn’t looked back ever since.