Adyananda is a mystic with a vision of a peaceful and spiritually developed world. On his search, he landed in India and was given the wonderful chance to dive into the vast knowledge of the Upanishads and the first Yogi in the universe: Lord Shiva. Not being physically able to perform Hatha Yoga’s asana’s he learned about different Yoga disciplines: Jnana (knowledge), Kriya (energy) and Karma (action). In combining Mudra and Sound (Mantra) he brings Yoga beyond the physical aspect that has been the focus too long in the West.

With a lot of humor, Adyananda has developed several techniques easy to perform for each person and to transform you from the inside out. The ultimate goal is to get the most out of yourself and your life.

Not by new-age-hocus-pocus, but simply by assisting you in changing your perception of Self, so that it is also possible for you to shine your light into the farthest corner of the universe. Adyananda’s teachings are simple and accessible to everyone, regardless of religion, race or gender.

He took up hatha yoga under the guidance of Yoga Guru Anoop ji to strengthen his mind, body & belief. It is now Yogi Achyut Bhardwaj’s mission to help & heal others anyway he can and to help people find their inner peace and true meaning of life through yoga, meditation & spirituality. As per his belief, a person is a student throughout his life as there is no person who can say that he is the master of everything. There is always more to learn, always scope to grow, and always a need to fulfill.