My life before yoga
I was born and raised in a small village in Northern Germany. Ever since I was a small child, I was eager to learn “how the world works”, to study different topics and to move into the world to make new experiences. Traveling and meeting people from around the world and understanding more about different cultures has always been important to me. Anyhow, I studied physics and started a career in the industry in technology management, project management, and international cooperation management. Over more than 10 years I was always busy, worked a lot and was focussed on “getting everything done”.

A wake-up call – the beginning of my yoga journey
When I was in Thailand three years ago, I experienced my “wake-up call”: I was swimming in the sea and it felt like a voice was speaking to me “you have a great force inside of you and you will need it”. Soon after this experience, my old life did not work anymore. In an intense, painful but necessary process, I started to get more and more in touch with myself to explore my unhealthy patterns, my dreams and why I am here on this planet. During this difficult but necessary time, my yoga journey began: A good friend of mine who is a yoga teacher recommended me to start practicing yoga asanas, pranayama, chanting, and meditation. As soon as I had started, the yoga world absorbed me. I wanted to learn more and more and dive deeper into the experiences of body-mind-soul connection. I went to different teachers to explore different yoga styles. In the beginning, I was very focussed on Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga because I loved intense physical activities. But very soon, I started noticing the soothing and opening effects of yoga, that the practices would enable me to connect with my soul. Going to yoga classes twice a week was not enough for me anymore. I started to develop my own practice of asanas, pranayama, and meditation that I would do at home every morning.

Yoga was the enabler for me to change my life and arrive at a state of happiness, gratitude and inner peace. Part of this process was to go traveling the world and to become a yoga teacher myself.

Becoming a yoga teacher
I did my 200hrs yoga teacher training in summer 2019 at the All Yoga School in Thailand with the focus on Ashtanga yoga. 2 days after I returned to Germany, I started teaching in the yoga studio of my friend who had recommended yoga to me. I will never forget teaching my first class: The students were coming in stressed out from their office jobs, with back pain and bad mood. After the yoga class, they were happy, calm and grateful for the class. And I knew: I must help people to experience the benefits of yoga, to teach them, to be an enabler that they can connect with themselves and heal.

What I teach
Today I teach various styles of yoga. Even though my teacher training background and my own practice is rooted in Ashtanga yoga, I noticed that I resonate a lot with teaching more soft, passive styles of yoga, like Yin Yoga and soft yoga and meditation for elderly people. I teach a regular online course called “Yin and Yang” which I love because we combine powerful active asanas with passive restorative asanas and meditation. My next step will be to attend a teacher training on trauma-sensitive yoga. I have attended a lot of yoga workshops on Yin Yoga, yoga during pregnancy, alignment and Thai yoga massage to self-study and to improve my teachings and my own practice.

Additionally to teaching yoga, I work self-employed as a consultant for change management. I help small and medium-sized companies to go through change processes. Part of this is to bring the topics awareness, consciousness, and compassion into the industry business world so that companies can act more socially and environmentally responsible and create good places for employment.