When I took part in my first yoga class I felt in love immediately. Here I got a feeling of being at home in my body for the first time. 
After this experience yoga & meditation became a big part of my life.

For me it is an everyday transforming practice that has smoothly become a lifestyle. I want to share the tools that a yoga practice offers to support everyone on the path to self-transformation and freedom.
It is a finding without searching, peace without struggle, absolute freedom.

In 2016 I opened my own yoga school in the south of Munich.
Then, I also started to integrate YinYoga in my teaching at the yoga room at Rosenheim to share this gentle practice of “letting go” and acceptance. 

In my teachings i try to create a open safe space where everyone feel welcome and can participate. Where you feel that you open yourself and let things go. Its individual and without dogma. even with special needs where my background las a nurse and naturopath is very helpful.

I teach retreats in different countries and always respect and value the connection to nature that can be experienced in each new environment.

I am a certified yoga teacher trained in various traditions: 

*Yinyoga (Markus Henning Gies / Germany & New Zealand)

*Kundaliniyoga (Shiv Charan Singh / Portugal) 
*Meditation, PMR and AT (Tao Health Academy / Berlin).