Christina, after studying marketing, costume design and interior decoration, worked both in the field of television and in multinational companies in the field of clothing. However, it was not long before she realized that her soul wanted to contribute to society as a whole through the teaching of yoga. Having come into contact with the techniques and philosophy of yoga since childhood, she continued to practice in yoga schools alongside experienced teachers and then wanted to pass on to her fellow human beings both the knowledge and the benefits of the yogic way of life. 

In 2016 she completed the training of yoga teachers for 200 hours in Andreas Proveleggios and began the journey of teaching that continues with great joy and creativity until now. 
In 2017 she attended the training of 300-hour teachers, wanting to delve deeper into the philosophy and practices of yoga. At the same time, she has attended biomechanics and yoga seminars by Tina Zymaraki, deepening her knowledge in anatomy and the treatment of basic musculoskeletal diseases through the techniques of yoga. 

Her courses have variety, flow and harmony.