Ranjan chose to be born in a loving Tamil Brahmin family, from Rameshwaram, who have worshipped Lord Shiva for millennia. His mother belonged to the lineage of the Tamil Kings of the Singha Dynasty of Sri Lanka.

Many of his ancestors are illustrious acharyas, yogis, doctors, scientists and classical artists, including dancers and musicians. The family temple is a famous ancient temple, called Naganathar Swami temple, where many  can still witness miracles.

From an early age Ranjan showed a keen interest in learning mantras and prayers from his Grandfather, a devout priest, who is also one of his spirit guides.

Ranjan was sent to the most prestigious school in Delhi, The Modern School, which was built to oppose the British and was originally made to educate the royal children of Indian origin. Yet, his mother always reminded him that his mission was to serve humanity and remain humble. 

At age 12 he moved to Washington DC with his mother, who worked at the world bank.

He always enjoyed learning and excelled in all aspects of his education. Sports were his passion, but he enjoyed all the arts and sciences as well.

At age 16 went to study with his Uncle, Acharya Arun Sharma, who is the leading teacher on Earth for Nature Cure. His grandfather, Laxman Sharma is known as the father of nature cure. 

By age 17 he felt the call of his Motherland and yearned to return to india. After a year in india, he returned to the US to attain a college degree at the request of his parents.

Ranjan studied science at the Northern Virginia Community college as he didn’t wish to burden his parents with financing his college education. Being an Indian citizen he was not allowed to work in the US.

At age 19, Ranjan had a massive spiritual awakening. He immediately chose to eat only sattvik food, and switched to a completely plant based diet. He also started his mantra and asana practice everyday before college.

At age 22 Ranjan attained his degree in science and immediately returned to India. He travelled extensively throughout india for the next few years, especially in the Himalayas.

Ranjan’s sister had been suffering from asthma since early in her childhood and Ranjan learnt to use the powers of yogic healing and started healing her and others with only his hands and the power of his soul. 

He became fascinated with healing and eventually studied several forms of energy healing, including Pranic Healing. 

He has lived in the Himalayas for many years, often in the company of saints and sadhus. He learnt the ways of the sadhu. Having lived a life of simplicity the sadhu life appealed greatly to him.

He has had many gurus in this life, including Master Choa Kok Sui, Dr. Arun Sharma, Michael Tamura, Dhruvinka Puri, Baba Ramesh Puri, Padmini Ramesh and many more. 

Ranjan aims to create ideal, self sufficient communities where he will implement his own teachings, which he calls, ‘Ancient Future’.

Now, Ranjan strives to heal and uplift humanity through his teachings on natural living, natural eating, meditation and healing.

May all beings of all the worlds be blessed with Love.

Jai Mahadev.