Was invited in my capacity as a yoga guru to the state visit of his excellency the Indian president to Greece
Was invited for a community dinner with his Excellency Shri Ram Nath Kovind, The honourable president of India in my capacity as a yoga guru

Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna was born in an influential, traditional and modern Hindu family in New Delhi, I was introduced to meditation and chanting at a very young age along with the family household practice of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of surrendering oneself to God) and Karma Yoga (Yoga of selfless acts of goodness towards everyone and everything). Having gone to one of the best private school of the nation I became a professional swimmer and also went on to pursue a degree in fashion retail and merchandise management after having spent 18 months in Australia after I turned 18.

The big change happened when I was invited to take part in a reality show called Big Switch in India. It was a struggle of a unique kind and I won the show. The biggest win was the changes it brought in me after my non-stop interaction with the kids from slums during the duration of the show.

I went on to handle my father’s construction business and I also became the business head of a fashion label for a short bit after this. All of that and much more at the age of 25, in a way I had it all and yet happiness wasn’t a permanent state of existence. This made me think and realize that there have to be things beyond money, beyond fame, beyond power since none of this can keep me happy, there must be something which will keep me happy all the time.

During these times of wanderings and wonderings, I met Samara Kamui Bodhisatva on an online forum and he initiated me to meditation and taught me many important techniques of healing myself and others.

Thereafter two very big events took place. The first one was the “Holy Royal Snan of Mauni Amavasya during the Mahakumbh Mela”, this was the first time in life I felt god inside of me and outside of me.

Was invited by the Indian embassy to conduct a traditional yoga class celebrating the 4th international yoga day, I'm in the front row on right sitting with the ambassador in the centre and the head of chancery on the left
Was invited to teach yoga on the 4th International Day of Yoga (2018) on behalf of the Indian Embassy in Greece.

We Hindus believe that by taking a bath in the meeting point of the 3 ancient rivers of India during the Brahma Muhurta (moment of creation) when Jupiter is in the 1st sign Aries and the Sun and the Earth’s moon are in the 10th sign Capricorn; or Jupiter in the 2nd sign Taurus and the Sun in Capricorn, a person gets Moksh (freedom from all suffering, freedom from the cycle of birth death and rebirth, freedom from the universal laws of space, time and karma).

That moment was perhaps my first real taste of yoga, it was a union and of the body with the mind, the mind with the soul and the souls with Shiv consciousness and no words are sufficient enough to express that infinite bliss which I felt in each single breath and moment of existence.

Letter of Appreciation by the Indian Embassy in Greece for jointly organising and conducting the International Day of Yoga 2020

The second big and perhaps the final step towards burying the old me, but this step was more intense in terms of what would happen. In Kedarnath jyotirlinga, high in the upper Himalayas an epiphany happened (perhaps ill tell you the full story one day), this sealed my fate, it was divine intervention. I came back and renounced my work.

After, I studied and practiced Raja yoga (the yoga of the self) under the guidance of my Guru Ji from India Shri Yogi Anoop Ji. At this time I was doing only two things, practicing and studying, from 6 till 11 I would do asan practice and then the rest of the day I would read scriptures and ask questions from my guruji. Gyan Yoga (Yoga of knowledge) was feeding my brain and Raja Yoga was feeding my body but much too my joy life was completely changing on physical, mental and spiritual levels. I became balanced, stable and was closer than ever to the self-realization and God-realization.

Was invited at the 34th World Medical Acupuncture Congress to speak about the importance and benefits of yoga and also gave a basic demonstration of yoga Asans and pranayam.

Upon my gurus advice, who urged me to teach yoga to others in the world, I have been teaching yoga in Greece. I teach students both basic and advanced teacher training courses so that we can create a whole new generation of teachers.

In my present-day, i spend most of my time in Greece assisting seekers to find peace and reach the ultimate state of bliss. From time to time I’m busy expounding the ancient scriptures and viewpoints from my experiences to seekers so that they may achieve self-realization and God-realization and reach the ultimate goal of the souls union with Shiv Consciousness.

Was invited in my capacity as a Yoga Guru to the state visit of His Excellency the Indian President Shri Ram Nath Kovind to Greece am in second row 2nd from left
sivaom yoga with indian presidnet ram nath kovind

“Yoga is a holistic spiritual journey first to the universe inside of you and then to the universe outside of you, a spiritual journey which connects the purush to the Atma and the atma to the brahmaatma… There are hundreds if not thousands of human benefits of yoga. It provides you a new outlook at life, it gives you the opportunity to live to the fullest and be your real self without getting bothered about what others feel or think of you, but the main aim of yoga is self-realization leading to enlightenment leading to moksha, the liberation from the cycle of birth and re-birth”.

SivaOm yoga students receiving their teacher training certificate from His Excellency the Ambassador of India to Greece Shri Amrit Lagun ji.

 “Yoga teachers or those who follow the highest spiritual path dedicate themselves to serving people. We are servants who are here to serve ”.

 “My real guru are the Vedas, my real teacher is Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, my real refuge is Bhagwan Shiv Ji under whose guidance and with whose name I begin everything do everything and complete everything”.

Giving my student a teacher training completion certificate with the head of the chancery  on right and the president of the Greek yoga association on the left
Giving my student a teacher training completion certificate with the Head of the Chancery of the Indian Embassy Mr. Gopal Ram Varma on right and the president of the Greek Yoga Association Mr. Aristotle on the left

Advanced Yoga Practice by Guru Siddhartha Shiv Khanna

In this video by SivaOm School Of Yoga, Guru Siddhartha Shiv Khanna demonstrate and talk about the advanced yoga practice of asanas for people who have been practicing asanas for over 10 years. This is a short version of the SivaOM Yoga advanced asanas practice only for demonstration and explanation, each asana in the demo video must be performed only under the guidance of a competent guru for a period of 12 minutes each while maintaining the yogic breath.

थ हठयोगप्रदीपिका।
श्री-आदिनाथाय नमोऽस्तु तस्मै येनोपदिष्टा हठयोगविद्या।
विभ्राजते प्रोन्नतराजयोगमारोढुमिच्छोरधिरोहिणीव॥१॥