Gorakhnath’s Grace

Gorakhnath's Grace

Book title: Gorakhnath’s Grace:

Book Tagline: The Celestial Union
Book Content: A Commentary on Hatha Yoga
Book #7 of 7
Author’s name: Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna
Chakra (Book theme) Svadhishthan

Back Page:

“Gorakhnath’s Grace: The Celestial Union.” immerses readers in a celestial pilgrimage, traversing the mystic planes of yoga’s profound cosmic wisdom. As the sacred dialogue between Shiv and Shakti unfolds, the extraordinary secrets of the divine union are unveiled, offering a transformative journey for the soul. This captivating book takes us on a journey into the mesmerizing depths of transcendent wisdom, where the physical and spiritual intertwine, granting us a transformative path to self-realization and expanded cosmic consciousness. Discover the esoteric techniques and practices that ignite the dormant energies within, aligning you with the infinite power of the universe. From the sacred union of body and mind to the mystical powers of mantra, mudra, and meditation, “Gorakhnath’s Grace” unveils the celestial roadmap to awakening your inner kundalini. This cosmic knowledge serves as a wise guru, leading you towards a profound spiritual connection, surpassing boundaries, and delving into the extraordinary realms of bliss and enlightenment.

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