Karma Yoga Project

The importance of Karma Yoga

Karma yoga

is an integral part of the ancient science of yoga and is guided by the following principles:

  • Fulfilment of duties – every person has certain duties to perform as part of their position in life but it’s important to prioritise and identify the most significant ones.
  • Surrendering of ego – in the process of performing the aforementioned duties, karma yogis ensure that their actions are selfless and they are not expecting anything in return.
  • Free from attachment – even though karma yogis fulfil their duties to the best of their ability, they make sure not to be attached to the result or the fruit of their actions.
  • No expectation – doing what must be done without expecting a reward is the ultimate goal any human should have so as to become free from any form of expectation in life.

Why all of us should practice Karma Yoga

There is a lot to be said regarding the benefits and remarkable changes that karma yoga would bring into one’s life.

Based on the above principles, it is clear that not only an individual’s priorities become clear, but also all the related duties are performed without any form of personal desire (desire being one of the biggest enemies of yoga) leading to permanent joy and contentment.

Furthermore, as one surrenders their ego to their higher purpose / self, there is a natural extermination of ‘I, me, my’ in every aspect of their lives. Spiritual progress becomes an integral part of their journey thereby resulting in a sense of altruism.

In addition, a yogi’s ultimate purpose is to eventually reach moksh, i.e. liberation from past and future karma (actions, words, thoughts). When actions are performed in such a selfless manner, then the person is detached by everything that has been keeping them bound, whether this is called desire, expectation or even ambition. At this point, it is imperative to keep in mind that wanting to achieve targets in life does not necessarily keep people bound, it is this attachment to the end result that does.

Feed the Body Project

As part of the philosophy of Karma Yoga, we recognise that selfless action entails the element of philanthropy and giving back to the society. It is undisputable that the basic thing people need to keep a healthy body is adequate and proper food. Unfortunately, there are many underprivileged individuals in our society and it is important for the rest of us to acknowledge and help them, without expecting anything in return.

Project overview:

During our Yoga Teacher Training, we decided along with our Guruji, Siddhartha Shiv Khanna, to form a community that would put Karma Yoga into practice and feed the body of those who need it.

We started researching local charities around Athens and developed a particular interest in foundations that support children. Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, we identified a few orphanages and started supplying them with dry food, toiletries and monetary donations with the signature of SivaOm Yoga. We aim at supporting a different foundation each month and we plan to expand into different kinds of charities in different parts of Greece, to begin with. As our community grows, we envisage this project spanning across geographies and non-profit organisations.

For more information regarding this project and how you could contribute in this effort, please contact feedthebody@sivaom.com

Feed the Mind Project

Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word Yug, which means to join, to unite. With the purpose of guiding students to find harmony between the mind, the body and the soul, the SivaOm team is providing free yoga classes for people who would not otherwise have access to Yoga. The SivaOm team is building partnerships with local community structures or organisations in Athens, as a first instance, in order to provide yoga classes to the most vulnerable. Some structures have already been identified and are welcoming the idea.

How is the yoga class?

Each class lasts for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes and is structured in the same way: mantra (chanting), warm up, asanas (yoga positions) and breathing / meditation practice. The class is conducted in peace and silence, while the teacher guides the students through the different stages of the class and corrects the students whenever necessary. The class can be conducted in English or Greek and people of all levels and ages can attend.

For more information regarding this project and how you could have a SivaOm yoga class in your organisation, please email us here: feedthemind@sivaom.com

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