Konstantina Karagianni, is born and raised in Athens, Greece. Growing up as an only child she had a long time only by herself, which had a positive impact on her personal growth and helped her focus on her education and studies. She was curious about many spiritual things since a young age as a child, which for her back then was some metaphysical phenomena that she couldn’t yet explain. Her parents, even though they are faithful, were mostly focused on their careers, and most of the conversations revolved around that. However, as her mother was turning more and more spiritual, she dragged her daughter with her.

Later on, she chose the field of business for her studies and now she holds a degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business. However, she soon understood that her path was in a different direction than this. Her main objectives were first to help herself evolve in spirituality and then be able to work with people and help them solve their problems too.

At the same time, she has been interested and involved in painting for many years since a very young age. As she understood, painting was a meditation for her as she had to focus on one thing, observe every little detail, and finally even become one with that thing. And this meditation was the solution to many stressful moments in her life. Apart from art, she is also into sports, and she has been an amateur basketball player for many years. She was being an athlete has taught her how to work with the body and also, how to be patient, focused, and disciplined.

All these things that may seem irrelevant led her to yoga and they accompany her as tools on her way to spirituality. The turning point in her life came early when she came across the SivaOm yoga education program advertisement and without a second thought she signed up for it. At first, it was a step towards her growth, she didn’t know yet if she would become a teacher. Right before she started the program, she was going through a period full of questions, wandering but also physical pain, and upcoming injuries. The results, both mental, physical, and emotional, were visible from the beginning. And since then, her lifelong journey has started, following the path that was meant for her.

After finishing this educational program by Guru Siddhartha Shiv Sunit Khanna, who has been a unique teacher and a great inspiration for her, she is now a SivaOm yoga instructor. Combining all the knowledge she has gained so far, she has now her place with her partner where she can teach yoga in Athens. Her goal is to bring together all her knowledge and yoga to help other people find solutions, evolve, solve their life problems or find their path, as has happened to her. As her guruji has said ‘If you give a man fish you help his hunger for one day. If you teach him to fish you help his hunger for many years. If you teach him yoga you feed his soul forever.’

Time Table
Morning Lessons
Monday 8.30-10.00
Tuesday 8.30-10.00
Friday 8.30-10.00

Evening Lessons
Monday 19.00-20.30
Thursday 19.00-20.30

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