SivaOm A Sacred India Yogic Journey

The upcoming retreat is not just an ordinary getaway from your busy life kind of retreat, it is a journey to a Sacred Land in the company of Sacred People. I invite you to come with us on this journey. A journey to a magical, mystical land. A land that opens up your heart and lets you dive deep into your inner self. A land of gods and ancient knowledge. This is the land where the gods left the sacred and everlasting truth seeded in the very air, in every temple, every plant, every stone, as a heritage to humanity to attain peace and oneness with Universal Consciousness. We will make you experience the life transformation that you long for. A journey where never before in one place and time has seen the gathering of a Hindu swami, a Buddhist saint, a prince, and a yoga guru dedicated to making you taste oneness with your own god consciousness, this is the kind of a journey many seek but only a few rare souls get to go on. ​

An incredible opportunity to develop awareness and get the ultimate support you can possibly get in the land which holds all that you need. Let me take you to India. The start and the end of your inner transformation, where everything you have ever practiced or read on spirituality can culminate into profound spiritual awakening and everlasting inner serenity. Quite the mind and experience this exotic and wondrous land. This is the place where the ultimate joy and truth exist, where material energy intertwines with spiritual energy. This is indeed that journey where the divinity of a Hindu Swami, a Buddhist Prince, and a Yoga Guru will walk you along to the higher realms of consciousness and ultimate reality itself.

Dates for SivaOm A Sacred India Yogic Journey

19th April 2023 till 28th April 2023

The Itinerary for SivaOm A Sacred India Yogic Journey

❖ 19th April – Arrival in New Delhi.
We begin the journey by embarking on a grandeur Visit to The Akshardham Temple (one of the largest temples in India). We will also visit Central Delhi for local shopping and eat from the finest place in New Delhi.

❖ 20th April – Leave for Haridwar.
Stay at Mahamandaleshwar Shri Yatindrananand Giri Maharaj ji”s Ashram where we will interact with the kids of the ashram, learn the principles of Karma Yoga and attend the world-famous Ganga Arti.

❖ 21st April – Leave for Gangotri.
The birthplace of the mother river Ganga on whose banks the Indian civilization exists and every yogi once pays a visit to clean their karma and take blessings. Our arrival will be late at night and the journey will be through the beauty of the upper Himalayas.
P.S.- We may attend the opening of the historic Ganga mata temple if the temple committee declares the temple open.

❖ 22nd April – Gangotri
Morning Asan Practice with Guru which will be followed by a Vedic Yajna. Afterward, we pay our respects to the ancient site of the 5800-year-old ancient cave from the legend of Mahabharat. Afternoon kundalini Meditation Session followed by Evening Arti.

❖ 23rd April – Gangotri
Morning Asan Practice with Guru and afternoon meditation. Evening hours are Spent practicing maun with the aim to observe our breath followed by Evening Arti.

❖ 24th April – Gangotri
Morning Asan Practice with Guru, mantra chanting, and some philosophy lessons, while the rest of the day is spent in maun observing our mind followed by Evening Arti.

❖ 25th April – Gangotri
Maun for the whole day which will culminate into an unbroken meditation in the mystical cave of the yogis and Siddhas, followed by Evening Arti.

❖ 26th April – Leave for Rishikesh.
As we leave our ashram high in the mystical Himalayas behind and go towards the foothills towards a place where ancient India meets modern India and people from all over the come world come to have a Relaxing day, we for one final time soak in the majesty of the greater Himalayas.

❖ 27th April – Rishikesh
Local Shopping in Rishikesh, some sightseeing, evenings Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan.

❖ 28th April – Arrive in New Delhi
It’s a day to relax and reflect upon the journey.

❖ 29th April – Departure Day
Morning Check Out and fly back or transfers.

P.S.- the Gangotri plan might be replaced by Kedarnath (3rd eye of the earth) if the government allows the operation of helicopters to the destination.


Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna

Some glimpses from our previous journey


SivaOm A Sacred India Yogic Journey will be hosted in an ashram in Haridwar, Gangotri, a Hotel in Rishikesh and a 4/5 star hotel in New Delhi. ​


A rich nutritious and Satvik (pure) breakfast is served every morning, proposing a variety of Indian and organic products. The buffet dinner invites you to discover a great variety of delicious Indian dishes…


  1. This is the first time ever that 3 prominent spiritual heads from 3 different eastern traditions come together during a full-fledged retreat.
  2. An opportunity to learn from the best.
  3. A chance to Rediscover yourself.
  4. Self Realization tools to help you stay in touch with your real nature even amidst chaos.
  5. Have a wonderful time learning a new or different practice than the one you already know.
  6. The ideal location to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Additional Benefit

Vedic Yajna at the birthplace of the mother river Ganga, Sacred healing and Karma Purification ceremonies.

How To Get There
Indira Gandhi International Terminal has incoming flights from every country.

SivaOm A Sacred India Yogic Journey Costs

If the booking is made before 31st January 2023 before the retreat date by paying a 50% advance. (non-refundable).

50% advance. (non-refundable).

1. Single Occupancy: 1800€ (per person)

2. Double & Twin Occupancy: 1400€ (per person)

*Note: The above retreat cost does not include flight and visa, If you want us to book a flight for you and do your visa, or arrange your extended stays, that can be done at the cost price and direct receipts can be given to you.

What’s Included

*Yoga practice and evening meditation with a Guru

* Yagya ceremony and Ganga Arti.

* Arrival gifts.

* Airport pickup and drop off.

* All transportation within India.

* All entrance fees in monuments and sites including guide.

* All accommodation in hotel and ashram visits.

* All meals and bottled drinking water.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for any bookings or any other questions related to the retreats through the following

  1. Siddhartha Shiv Khanna (Facetime/Whatsapp/Viber/Phone Call) +306909729311 
  2. Gurujiwan “Aristotelis Karagkounis” (Facetime/Whatsapp/Viber/Phone Call) +306937252306
  3. Email

Additional Information

Seasonal Weather Information
The weather is generally warm, with the occasional need for a light jacket in the evenings. You may want to bring sunscreen for the times you enjoy the sun. The temperature ranges from 20° to 36° Celsius.

Electricity And Outlets
In India, the power plugs and sockets are of types C, D, and M. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. In India the power plugs and sockets are of types C, D and M. Kindly bring relevant converters.

Please check your visa requirements before entering India. There is an option for an E-Visa for most countries. You can easily apply for that. Once the visa is granted (which takes about a maximum10 of business days) you may take a printout of it and carry it with your passport.

What To Bring
Comfortable clothing, hats, sunglasses, yoga wear, and leggings are preferred, and sport T-shirts so that the Guru may be able to observe alignments and help you improve during your Asan practice. Full-length clothing is required to visit some holy places. Bring comfortable walking shoes and carry good sandals.

Vaccinations Requirements
Please consult your local health professional.

Travel Insurance Suggestions
Travel Insurance for flight delays, luggage, car, and health insurance is always recommended.

We are looking forward to expanding our consciousness with you and have put our heart and soul towards making this a very special experience that will remain with you for many years to come… Looking Forward to your presence