Rodica Serb ( रोडिका सर्ब )

An electrical engineer by training, for many years I was convinced that only modern science could offer answers to all my questions concerning life, universe, creation, consciousness, and so on… About fifteen years ago I realized that science stops at some point and it will take a very long time to go further and decipher all these mysteries, if ever…

So, I started opening my mind and listening to ideas coming from different philosophies, traditions, and cultures, and seeing things from completely different points of view… For the first time, I became interested in awareness, and consciousness and I began accepting the idea of meditation and ‘’ non-thinking’’, so much in contrast with the Cartesian western concept that thinking is what makes us humans (cogito ergo sum)…

My unappeasable thirst for answers led me to come in contact with philosophies from different parts of the world and different ages of human history by reading, attending seminars or teachings and I was really fascinated by what I was discovering …

Yoga came into my life about fifteen years ago when I attended some teachings of Raja Yoga, then I continued with practical classes and after some years I realized that this was the only path that could nourish my body, my mind, and my spirit.

The deeper I was going and although I was grateful to all my yoga teachers, I still had the feeling that there is more, there should be real, authentic yoga but that it would be very difficult to find it anywhere in the western world. So, the idea of going to India grew very strong. By chance, two years ago I saw an ad about a Yoga Teacher Training in Thessaloniki conducted by an Indian guru but, being aware that even in India in many places yoga has been westernized and has lost its real meaning, I was very reluctant in the beginning.

Attending the presentation of the course, literally after the first ten minutes of Guru’s talk I knew that I had finally found what I was looking for for so many years!

Now I’m really grateful that in 2021 I completed the SivaOm Yoga Educational Program under the guidance of my Guruji, Siddhartha Shiv Sunit Khana, and then in 2022 I completed the SivaOm Mentoring Program and I will continue the journey to the next levels. In April 2022 we had an amazing yoga retreat in India. It was a unique journey that rewarded us with the most unbelievable and rich experiences. We went to extraordinary places and met extraordinary people who generously shared with us bits of their wisdom.

​All this completely changed my understanding of what yoga is, how to bring it to our daily lives, how to transform yourself into the best version of yourself, of how important is to respect every single piece of existence, of acting selflessly, of being compassionate and act wisely at the same time, always having in mind the goal of achieving the Supreme Consciousness.
I live in Thessaloniki, work as a manager for a big company, teach Yoga and continue to study as a part of the SivaOm community.


Maha Kumbh Festival holy bath ny Siva Om Yoga

Maha Kumbh is approaching! Now is your time to experience spirituality at its absolute glory.