This SivaOm Yoga Instructor Yoga Education by SivaOm School of Yoga is designed for those who seek soul enlightenment and deep wisdom.

When we speak of Yoga within the spiritual sense, we can safely say that this cosmic science is as old as the universe and encaptures the very essence of the universe itself. This system of yoga which has come to be referred to as SivaOm Yoga allows us to harmoniously unite the internal shiv and shakti and having achieved this divine union we proceed towards the ultimate goal of our human existence, to merge the jivatma back to the brahman.

The aim of SivaOm Yoga Education is to learn how to achieve yoga yourself and then share this ancient yogic wisdom with others. We didn’t want people to become a gymnast or an acrobat, we want people to become Yogis and Gurus and if you are reading this, then might I say it is your Karma that has brought you here and it is your destiny to become one. Having said that, we recognized that it’s impossible to tie up this system to some number of hours, weeks, or days. Logically speaking this did not make sense to us and we were in total disagreement with the cultural appropriation of yoga, not to mention it is a broken system that was being modified by an American registry system to make as much money as possible. At hand, we were at the task of developing a system that allowed the students to not just learn the theory of yoga but also practice and experience yoga with its soul intact.

We invented the SivaOm Yoga Education system spread over 7 Levels, which is a practice of yoga developed by Guruji Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna through the inspiration already given in the holy scriptures of ancient India and suggested by Adi Guru Bhagwan Shiv and the other Maha Gurus. Yoga works on the level of one’s body, mind, and soul. This has given rise to four schools of Yoga: Karma Yoga where we utilize the body; Jnāna Yoga where we utilize the mind; Bhakti Yoga where we utilize emotion and Raja Yoga where we utilize the energy. Each system of Yoga we practice falls within the shadow of one or more of these categories. This SivaOm Yoga practice includes a mystical union of the 4 main branches of yoga (raja – karma – jnan – bhakti) combined in its original teachings from Ancient India. Full knowledge and application of this method among various other things are taught during the SivaOm Yoga Education.



sivaom yoga 7 levels education system

This system of SivaOm Yoga is based upon various mechanisms available to all or any living creatures and has been carefully combined together keeping in mind the diverse kind and types of individuals. it’s perfect for every human, it’s for people of all ages, it’s for people of all times, those that have lived in the past, those living presently, and even those that are yet to be born. it’s suitable for people of all characters and every temperament. There will be at least one aspect of the practice with which the student will identify and through that one aspect of the practice he or she will become self-realized and god-realized. Such is the nature of this practice that it has the power to liberate the soul and provides freedom from all kinds of suffering.

To that person whose body is hungry, we give him the gift of food and water. thereto, a person whose mind is hungry, we give him the gift of knowledge and wisdom, but even greater than these gifts is the gift we give to the soul that’s hungry which gift is of SivaOm Yoga. This is a gift from the universe and surely must be shared with all mankind for it belongs to all of us equally.
SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education Graduation Ceremony at the Indian Embassy

Complete Teachings of the system of SivaOm Yoga have been divided into 7 Levels inspired from the 7 Chakras. This specific SivaOm Yoga Education series is for those who want to pursue this course to either become a yoga instructor or go deeper into the teachings of yoga and includes Level 1, 2 & 3 out of the 7 levels.

LevelTitleApprox Hours Siva Om Yoga Educational Qualification for Credentials
1Introduction to Yoga100 
2Yoga Practitioner200 
3Yoga Instructor (internship)200Upon passing Level 3 You become a qualified Yoga Instructor
4Yoga Teacher200 
5Yoga Master300Upon passing Level 5 You become a qualified Senior Yoga Teacher
6Yoga Acharya1000 
7Yoga Guru500Upon passing Level 7 You become a qualified Yoga Guru

It is suitable for any person of any age, including those who have done other courses and wish to go deeper into the roots of yoga, as well as for those who wish to become instructors, teachers as well as gurus of the yogic wisdom. We will focus on authentic spiritual elements and aspects of yoga in addition to aasan (posture), mantra, mudra, and pranayama practice.

SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education LEVEL 1
We recommend that a student enters the SivaOm Yoga Education at Level 1, where they are required to take SivaOm Yoga group lessons with one of our Qualified SivaOm Yoga Teachers for a period of 3 – 6 months (depending upon their existing experience). Briefly stated these SivaOm Yoga group lessons are based on a careful and specific sequencing that includes a mystical union of all 4 main branches of yoga (raja – karma – jnan – bhakti) combined in its original teachings from Ancient India, into a single seminar of 90 minutes. This lays down the foundations and gives you enough time to master SivaOm Yoga successfully as well as settle comfortably into what is yet to come. The students are required to read the book “How To Become a Yogi” by Swami Abhedananda on their own during this period.

SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education LEVEL 2
Having completed Level 1, the student automatically qualifies to enter Level 2 in which they are given the yogic wisdom through all-day seminars conducted by the guru and then mentored by their allocated mentors outside the education hours. The students must attend both practical and theoretical seminars regularly with attendance of 75% being compulsory. There is also regular homework that they must submit, along with taking regular lessons from their allocated SivaOm Yoga Mentors and doing yoga with the other SivaOm Yoga community members. In addition, they must give theoretical and practical exams to show their proficiency. Don’t worry, your guru along with your allocated mentor will be with you at each step of this process. Upon successfully completing the course, passing the exams (theoretical and practical) you shall be awarded a SivaOm Yoga Instructor Yoga Education completion certificate with SIVA OM School of Yoga (registered with the Govt. Of India). The following subjects will be covered at this level.
*Important Note: Given below Is A Road Map Towards The Yoga Tree As Per Ancient Vedic And Yogic Siddhanta In Brief and is also the course structure recommended by the Government Of India. A Detailed And Elaborate Understanding Is Provided During SivaOm Yoga Instructor Yoga Education.

History of Yoga:

Explore the ancient roots of yoga, dating back thousands of years to the Indus Valley Civilization. Dive into the rich history of yoga’s evolution, from its origins in ancient texts like the Vedas and Upanishads to its modern-day global popularity. Learn about the contributions of legendary yogis and rishis throughout history, shaping the diverse practices and philosophies we know today. Discover how yoga has transcended cultural boundaries and continues to inspire seekers on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Studio Setting Teaching:

Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of a yoga studio, carefully designed to cultivate peace and tranquility. Experience personalized instruction from skilled teachers in a supportive and welcoming environment. Utilize specialized props and equipment to enhance your practice and deepen your understanding of yoga postures. Connect with like-minded individuals and build a sense of community as you embark on your yoga journey together.

Karma Yoga:

Embrace the path of selfless service and altruism through the practice of Karma Yoga. Cultivate a mindset of compassion and generosity as you seek to uplift others and contribute to the well-being of your community. Discover the profound joy and fulfillment that comes from serving others without attachment to the fruits of your actions. Explore practical ways to integrate Karma Yoga into your daily life, creating positive ripple effects that extend far beyond yourself.

Special Needs Yoga Class – Sequencing of a Lesson in a Studio Format and Special Lessons for Different Groups:

Tailor yoga sequences with adaptations and modifications to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities or special needs. Create inclusive and accessible classes for teenagers, children, pregnant women, and senior citizens, fostering physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Develop specialized lesson plans for corporate environments, offering stress-relief techniques and mindfulness practices to support employees’ overall health and productivity. Embrace the digital age by exploring online teaching methods, making yoga accessible to a diverse global audience from the comfort of their homes. 

Maha Rishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra:

Explore the foundational text of classical yoga philosophy, Maha Rishi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. Dive deep into the eight limbs of yoga outlined in the Yoga Sutra, offering a comprehensive guide to ethical living, self-discipline, and spiritual realization. Gain insights into the nature of the mind and consciousness through Patanjali’s timeless teachings on meditation and self-awareness. Discover practical wisdom and timeless truths that continue to resonate with yogis and seekers on the path of self-discovery and inner transformation.
SivaOm Yoga Instructors Yoga Education Presentation

SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education LEVEL 3
Having successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2, the student is now elevated to the position of a mentor. In this role, they are supposed to apply what they have learned themselves to students of Level 2. The SivaOm Yoga Mentors are expected to teach 2 SivaOm Yoga group lessons every week and hold bi-weekly meetings with their mentees to discuss and answer from their own experiences the questions arising in their student’s minds. At this level, there is direct contact and guidance with the guru on how to master the teachings of the yogic way of life and efficiently deliver it to their own students. We believe only after having gone through this level, a person has the necessary tools to teach yoga at a basic level. In all honesty, with all my experience, I believe all this is just foundational. It is not enough and you must stride more, and walk with determination on the journey ahead towards becoming a guru of yogic wisdom. Just below is our own developed road map toward becoming a Qualified SivaOm Yoga Guru.


 Letter of appreciation sent to us by the Honourable Embassy of India in Athens, Greece for successfully organizing and executing the International Day Of Yoga on behalf of the Indian Embassy. 

The SivaOm Yoga Instructors Yoga Education is taught by Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna from India (Founder of the SIVA OM Yoga School). 

sivaom ttc in progress

DaySivaOm Yoga Instructor Education list of Topic / Module
  • Yoga history, theory, practice; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja/Hatha Yoga, Yama, Niyama; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Asana explanation sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Asana explanation sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Asana sequencing; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Asana sequencing, Pranayama demo; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Mudra sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Yoga therapy explanation, respiratory issues; tea breaks; Suryanamaskar.
  • Special needs focus; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Special needs focus; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Karma Yoga chapters; tea breaks; Suryanamaskar.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga sessions; tea breaks; sequence practice.
  • Raja Yoga, Q&A sessions; tea breaks; Suryanamaskar.
SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education Daily Schedule For The Residential Series

06:00Wake Up
7:00 – 09:00Theory Lesson + Mantra Chanting
9:00 – 09: 30Break
09:30 – 11:00SivaOm Yoga Sadhna
11:00 – 12:00Break
12:00 – 14:00Theory Lesson + Mantra Chanting
14:00 – 14:30Break
14:30 – 16:30Theory Lesson + QnA
16:30 – 20:30Free Time
*The Daily Schedule For SivaOm Yoga Instructors Yoga Education Non-Residential Series will differ from this

SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education in Athens, Greece / Online (9 Month Non-Residential) ->

Date: 21st October 2023 – 14th April 2024

*Please Note that the non-residential education series seminars occur every alternate weekend.

Course Fees

      • €2000 in instalments

     Coordinator for SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education Non-Residential Series in Athens, Greece, and can be contacted at
    Telephone: +306909729311

    SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education in Gangotri, India (1 Month Residential) ->

    Date: 17th August 2024 – 16th September 2024

    Please note: For the Residential Programme studies and lectures are conducted every day from 7:00 – 16:30 over a period of 29-30 days.

    Course Fees till 31st March ‘24:

        • €2000 for dormitory accommodation

        • €3000 for twin shared accommodation

      Course Fees after 1st April ‘24:

          • €2500 for dormitory accommodation

          • €3500 for twin shared accommodation

        Miss Carmen Dejori is the Coordinator for SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education Residential Series in Gangotri, India, and can be contacted at
        Telephone: +393277903839

        The SivaOm Yoga Instructor Education includes:
        500+ hours of lectures and practice.
        * We provide all Study Materials.
        * For those who miss any lessons, we can provide Recordings of the seminars.
        * Examinations are included in the cost of the entire education.
        * SIVA OM School of Yoga Certificate upon graduation (registered with the Govt. Of India).
        * Accommodation and stay during the ongoing training (only during residential education).
        * Breakfast, Mid-Day Snack, and Dinner (only during residential education, all meals are vegetarian).

        The location:
        •Athens, Greece for the non-residential and online.

        • Gangotri, India for the residential