The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman: A Symbol of Devotion

Let’s first begin by talking about “The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman: A Symbol of Devotion” by what it takes to become the Hanuman in someone’s life and what calling someone “Hanuman” means. To expand upon it, let me tell you a beautiful story about Bhagwan Ram and his love for Hanuman.

The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman: Ram Bhakt Hanuman

Amongst many of the countless tales, The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman This particular aspect of Ramayan always makes me smile. After the coronation of Bhagwan Ram, Hanuman ji stayed back in Ayodhya and showed so much eagerness, engaging fully in doing all the services for Bhagwan Ram.

Others had no chance to do any type of service for their beloved Bhagwan Ram. Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrugn felt incapable of serving. They asked Mother Sita to intervene. Sita Devi explained that she too couldn’t serve her Prabhu. They decided to create a service schedule, dividing all tasks among themselves but excluding Hanuman ji. So, all four brainstormed and devised a schedule detailing services from morning until Bhagwan Ram retired.

They presented the schedule to Sita Devi for Bhagwan Ram’s approval. She took it to him. Upon reviewing the schedule, Bhagwan Ram noticed no service was allotted to Hanuman ji. He understood his brothers’ and Sita Devi’s feelings and the intent behind excluding Hanuman ji. He foresaw the outcome but simply smiled and asked Sita what he should do.

Sita Devi requested Bhagwan Ram to sign and seal the list, making it official. Bhagwan Ram obliged, and the list was displayed. The next day, Hanuman ji innocently entered Bhagwan Ram’s room to serve by massaging Ram’s leg. Lakshman redirected Hanuman ji, explaining the service was assigned to Shatrugna per the approved schedule. Hanuman ji discovered he wasn’t included in any service and felt neglected.
After consoling himself, Hanuman ji asked Lakshman if he could perform any unscheduled service. Lakshman agreed, confident he hadn’t overlooked any task. Hanuman ji proposed the yawning service – to snap his fingers when Bhagwan Ram yawned, protecting him from evil effects.

Unaware of the intelligence behind this act, they agreed. As yawning could happen unpredictably, Hanuman ji remained constantly vigilant. He even changed the custom of accepting Prasad to keep his right hand free for snapping when Bhagwan Ram yawned, demonstrating his unwavering commitment.
Mata Sita, Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrugn were bewildered. Bhagwan Ram inwardly smiled, acknowledging Hanuman ji’s unparalleled intelligence. One night, Bhagwan Ram retired to the bedroom. Hanuman ji followed, despite Sita Devi’s objections. Hanuman ji insisted on serving Bhagwan Ram at night, claiming it was essential.

Seeing the exchange, Bhagwan Ram instructed Hanuman ji to rest. Obliged by the order, Hanuman ji left. However, he continued his service from the balcony, chanting Bhagwan Ram’s name and snapping his fingers. Bhagwan Ram began yawning repeatedly until he collapsed from exhaustion, surprising everyone.

They all searched and somehow located Hanuman ji from the balcony and brought him. Hanuman ji saw the condition of his Bhagwan Ram and immediately stopped snapping his fingers and fell at the feet of Bhagwan Ram. Bhagwan Ram’s mouth closed only at that instant.

Bhagwan Ram wanted to accept the service of His purest devotee. Though it appears to be as such, it was not Hanuman ji’s snap for Bhagwan Rama’s yawn, on the opposite to that, it was Bhagwan Ram’s yawn for Hanuman ji’s snap. Seeing the power of the bond between a bhakt and his Bhagwan, all the brothers and Sita Devi realized the determination of Hanuman ji for loving service to his Bhagwan Ram and decided that they would not interfere in that in the future ever.

The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman helps us understand Hanuman’s Unwavering Service

• After the coronation of Bhagwan Ram, choosing to stay behind in Ayodhya to make his life easier.

• Showing eagerness to fully be in the service of Bhagwan Ram, keeping it as a priority over his own needs.

• Not thinking of any task or work or service as big or small and finding the importance in all karma as an opportunity to serve.

Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrugn’s Dilemma:

• Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrugn felt that they were not able to serve at all.

• They decided to make a service schedule, dividing all the services among themselves.

Bhagwan Ram’s Understanding and Hanuman’s Determination

• Bhagwan Ram realized that no service was allotted to Hanuman ji.

• Despite understanding the ploy, Bhagwan Ram simply smiled and sought Sita’s advice instead of confronting them, he encouraged peace.

• Hanuman ji suggesting a unique service – the yawning service, to protect Bhagwan Ram from evil effects when he yawns showcasing Hanuman’s cleverness and dedication.

The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman shows Hanuman’s Unmatched and Unwavering Dedication:

• Hanuman ji went against custom to eat Prasad from right hand, always ready to snap his right hand fingers to protect Bhagwan Ram.

• Even at night, he insisted on staying close to Bhagwan Ram, emphasizing the importance of his service.

• Staying up all nights endlessly to serve Bhagwan Ram.

• Hanuman’s absence was noticed, and upon locating him, Bhagwan Ram’s condition improved only when Hanuman resumed his service.

The Ultimate Display of Devotion and Bhagwan Ram’s Acknowledgement:

• Bhagwan Ram’s recovery underscored the bond between a bhakt and his Bhagwan, showcasing Hanuman’s unwavering devotion and Bhagwans love towards his bhakt.

• The incident left everyone, including Bhagwan Ram, in awe of Hanuman’s dedication.

A Lesson in Devotion:

you see, The Tale of Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman explains and reminds us about the bond between Bhagwan Ram and Hanuman ji serves as a timeless example of unwavering devotion. It reminds us of the power of dedication and selfless service in the path of spirituality.

Jai Shri Ram

Jai Hanuman


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