Ancient Knowledge must never be Toyed with

Ancient Knowledge must never be Toyed with yoga shiva

To begin with, I have no knowledge of asanas, but let me relate it to any other divine subject. Whenever human will change any divine knowledge from its paramparic (traditional) ways to commercialization the results will be dangerous, i.e it will just become a futile exercise and the fruit will be very minimum.

Just think why Bhagavan shiv ji has bolted all the mantras and see how people and so-called gurus are distributing mantras in the public and virtual world. Now think the purpose of bolting all the mantras, only a true seeker can unbolt it that too by the grace of Bhagavan shiv ji.

The same is with astrology, there is a reason why paramparic astrology is rare to find. “Mantras are mere words if its not unbolted, astrology is just intellect if not paramparic and yoga is just an exersice”. We must do our job by putting seed in seekers for paramparic yogic practice. But at the same time, we must understand that people with a pure heart who are dedicated to these ancient methods can have blessings and grace on them, and such kind of humans are and always will be very few in numbers.

May the blessings of Bhagvan Shiv Ji shine upon you in your journey
Om Namah Shivay

Source: Rohit Verma 

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