Assistant guru Rodica standing with Natraj statue

Is Knowledge Enough, or Is It Just Not Enough?

Embarking on a Journey of knowledge

Within the realm of existence, sentient beings are divided into two distinct categories based on their approach to the divine. The first category comprises beings who, through the path of knowledge, use faculties of their intellect, and embark on a journey of profound inquiry to comprehend the immeasurable expanse of Bhagwan Shiv ji.

Seeking Understanding through Reason

These beings meticulously weigh and measure, attempting to encapsulate the boundless within the confines of their limited understanding. With meticulous precision, they endeavor to fathom the depths of His divine essence, employing the scales of discernment and reason.

Forging a Connection with Ishwar

Their ardent quest drives them to forge a connection between their mortal selves and the omnipotent Ishwar, creating a sacred abode within the recesses of their own minds. Through their inner contemplation and meditative introspection, they fashion a space where the resplendent radiance of Shiv and Shakti can find refuge and solace. It is within this ethereal dwelling, nurtured by their intellectual prowess, that they perceive and commune with the enigmatic presence of the Divine.

Is Knowledge Enough, or Is It Just Not Enough? There are 2 Paths: one defined by intellectual inquiry, & another where the seeker surrenders

Discovering a Deeper Connection

Beyond the realm of analytical pursuit, lies another enigmatic plane of existence. Here, beings of a distinctive disposition dwell, whose hearts serve as the sanctum for the eternal presence of Shiv. Theirs is a journey where mere knowledge is not enough.

Forging an Ineffable Bond

Deep within the recesses of their souls, an ineffable connection is forged, intertwining their very essence with the divine essence of the Ishwar Himself. These blessed souls, touched by a mystic fervor, have attained the divine grace that resides solely within the inner sanctum of their being.

Experiencing Divine Unity

In this sacred space, the cosmic dance of the divine unfolds, as the seeker merges effortlessly with the sought. Their hearts, aflame with an ardor that transcends the limits of mortal perception, become the divine dwelling wherein Shiv, the supreme consciousness, finds eternal abode.

Embracing Unity Beyond Knowledge

Here, the seeker becomes the sought, and the dance of duality dissolves into a state of sublime unity. In this state, the blessed ones experience the divine vision, beholding the ineffable beauty and grace of the Lord in all His resplendent glory.

Convergence of Paths

We encounter two distinct paths: one defined by intellectual inquiry, where the seeker traverses the realm of thoughts and concepts in search of Shiv, and another where the seeker surrenders their very being, becoming a sacred vessel for the divine presence to reside. Both paths bear the potential for divine realization, and it is in the convergence of these paths that the mystery of Shiv’s essence unfolds, enveloping the seeker in a realm of mystic transcendence and boundless love.

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