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SivaOm opens its doors and welcomes all yoga enthusiasts, who wish to experience traditional Indian yoga and meditation practices from first hand. Over the last 10 years we gained sufficient knowledge and skills to bring the 15000 year old tradition of yoga and meditation into the modern world, and create an environment for people to come together, to practice, inspire, cherish and support one another—all through the exploration of yoga on and off the mat. 


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Customer Says

After coming to India, I began to learn yoga. Now yoga is an integral part of my life. I have a handsome yoga teacher, he is very professional, and in his class i feel very happy and relaxed. I will work hard to learn yoga, the teacher is my role model and I will always be thankful to my yoga teacher.

Carina fang, China

When I reached India, I started to study yoga. I met my yoga's teacher Siddhartha Shiv Khanna in my first class and he taught me so many new asana movements. In the yoga class my teacher teaches me how to breathe properly and think deeply. Now yoga is a part of my life. My teacher teaches me a lot of new things in every class. Now we become good friend, I hope we can maintain the friendship forever.

Ming li, China

I'm lucky to have visited India and to meet there the remarkable person thanks to whom yoga became for me something big. It became more than just hobby. With amazing diligence he step by step goes towards the aim and achieves the good results, with that love with which he shares the knowledge with other people, I am sure that it is only possible to dream of such teacher of yoga.

Juliya Kozak, Belarus

Siddhartha proves that determination and discipline takes you to great success, he is live proof of it. As a student i have learn so much in such a little time from him.

Vivian Perez, Colombia

I started learning yoga from Siddhartha and I feel he is the best teacher ever. I have started to love yoga because of him and now it has become an integral part of my daily routine. I hope to continue this journey of meditation with my teacher and some day do all the asans he knows. thank you sooo much.

Akanksha Pal, India

I have suffered from digestion related problems and anxiety since many years. I got to know about Siddhartha from a friend of mine and I have been getting trained with him since more than 6 months now and the results have been outstanding. His knowledge of yoga and the history of it is incredible. I have about 50% relief from my health issues and I will recommend him to anyone seeking better health or want to level up their yoga knowledge.

Raman Bhandari, India

Siddhartha is a unique young charming Indian man who gives his trainee the real meaning of yoga. For Siddhartha yoga is life style that is why he is attracting people towards continuing yoga classes. Siddhartha’s knowledge in life and yoga is very appreciated and helpful to people like us “foreigners". I came to know Siddhartha from my Guru Ji the one whom I owe him a lot . I thank Allah that I came to know our leader Siddhartha. God bless you all and always reflecting good image of India and life its self.

Dina Ismail, Egypt

The most important in Yoga - is a joy. And Siddhartha easily can help with it. When you smile during practice - is yoga with Siddhartha. You will not be left alone with him. He will always find special words for you and help to feel comfortable. I believe that a wonderful and unique experience awaits anyone who takes the path of yoga with him! At any age, in any physical form.

Natalya Trus, Belarus

A great teacher who is very patient with his students; a kind teacher who carefully guides students to practice. He brings a warm heart and depth of knowledge to his teaching. He uses detailed instructions to tell students better understand their own bodies and benefits of yoga. To me he is like a teacher and a friend as well.

Sherry Sun, China

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