Meeta is a Yogini who practices & preaches classical Hatha yoga & ashtanga vinyasa. She also gives lessons in the traditional methods of yoga which involve meditation and pranayama, yogic cleansing, yogic asanas, pilates, and resistance training. She did her diploma in yoga from a renowned University. She also did certifications from Morarji Desai institute and Masters in yoga. She has participated in several State, National and Open International yoga championship bagging medals & proclaiming appreciation in them. 

She belongs to a conservative Indian Sikh family where creativity and enlightenment are not considered a profession. It is knowledge to be imparted & shared. According to Meeta, spirituality is not learnt by just reading books on it, but through practice in everyday acts of life. Her way of spiritual connection is to spread the knowledge of healthy living through yoga. 

She started her career as a passionate dancer and has worked with well-known Bollywood choreographers like Shiamak Dawar, Ashley Lobo, Fernando, to name a few. As a teenager, she hoped to become a professional choreographer, But life had different plans. After mastering her career in dance & choreography for almost a decade she decided to perform Yoga as she was always inclined towards Lord Shiva. She always wanted to learn and be a part of the ancient old philosophies of yog. When her health was not at it’s best, she turned to Yoga to gain physical strength and that helped her to gain both mental and spiritual strength…..thus she began her career as a yogini..that completely changed her as a person internally n externally. 

Now she brings with her the best of both the worlds, dance & Yoga to combine them into a lethal routine which will surely help you achieve your health & self-healing goals. She combines yoga with different forms of dancing, like Spanish flamenco and Arabic belly dancing. 

 She wants to help people to discover their true power & to achieve their fitness goals. Learn secrets to achieve, & transform it on an Athletic, agile & glamorous body! Her main motto is to connect ur sole to ur soul through the path of Lord Shiva and his Yoga………