Experience the soul

Mata Adi Shakti asks: My dearest one What could be a good start to experience real self. what practice and who will teach it to practitioner. Isn’t that cult based. Is it possible to modify genome in one lifetime, as you said?
Bhagwan Shiv ji answers: Devi plastic is in our food supply , they are modifying our genome as we speak. the polluted air in cities in Bharat. modifying our genome as we speak. we can try to protect our genome with natural medicines in ayurveda . it is not complicated. close your eyes and stop thinking about the past and the future. focus on the breath. the present. With constant practice we will gain experience of the self. The steady mind. Shiva consciousness . It is the cult of shiv shakti my devi. 

Our genome determines how the energy flows. Modern life has an impact on our genome. man made chemicals can activate or deactivate genes. We can follow yoga and ayurveda to take preventative care and protect our selves from the impact of this stress. It leads to Inflammation which is the root cause of all disease. The lifestyle of Yoga and ayurveda helps fight this every day. Live long and strong clsoe to nature. Shiva is our guru of ayurveda and yoga.

ॐ नमः शिवाय
हर हर महादेव 
जय शिव शंकर शमभू

Source: Cult Of Shiva @cultofshivashakti

Maha Kumbh Festival holy bath ny Siva Om Yoga

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