Shakti asks Shiva – What is Energy?

Devi asks: My lord “What is vibrational energy ? what are these vibrations? Where do they come from ? why should we be aware of this ? Shiva replies: “My deartest one , they are the kind that meditation or mantras generate everywhere . light heat and sound are the result of vibrational energy. These vibrations are the kind that resonates with the vibrations of nature.
Devi asks lord shiva : my lord ” Energy flows where attention goes” what is the significance ? Shiva answers: Devi , it is about the universal polarities of the univers. positive and negative. opposites attract. it is the nature of energy. If your attention is not here it is elsewhere. chasing her. instead we have to withdraw into the self. Through our sense organs. withdrawal of the senses , from the dynamic shakti to shiva the static . opposites attracting. from negative to positive. it is through the vibrations we create. IT is the product of human imagination . there are many techniques. From the form to the formless. From shakti to shiva. freedom from our own thoughts. look inside.

Nikola Tesla observed that the universe is a sea of energy. Today, physicists know that matter is a form of energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Energy comprises 98% of the Universe and “matter” only 2%. We live in a universe of spiritual, psychic, and physical energy by virtue of which all living things exist through their ability to transmute this universal energy into something individual. We become endowed with the ability to transmit our own energy field, our individual unit of power.

Humans are energy transformers; we are alive and developing in proportion to how much of this universal energy we accept and how freely it flows through us. The better we transmit this energy or allow it to flow through us, the higher grade we occupy; the more alive and contented and effective we become. it has to be experienced. we too have to understand how to harness this universal energy from which we come from. Formless and shapeless. Nirakar. Nirgun, the infinite. The pure unconditioned energy !Source: 

Source: Adiyogi शम्भू, Cultofshiva

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