5 Lesser known avatars of Bhagwan Shiv

Every one of us is quite familiar with the different avatars of Lord Vishnu, but did any of us ever wonder about the different avatars of Lord Shiva? Coming closer to the truths of the god, it is said that there are 19 different avatars of Lord Shiva. Each of the different avatars of Lord Shiva has a specific purpose and is known to serve a precise purpose.

Here are 5 of the lesser known avatars of Lord Shiva.

Bhairav Avatar

When Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu had a fight over superiority, Lord Shiva had to take this avatar. Lord Shiva took the form of Bhairava and cut off Lord Brahma’s fifth head. Been guilty of cutting off the head of a Brahmin, Lord Shiva had to carry the skull of Lord Brahma for next twelve years.

Sharabha Avatar

Sharabha Avatar of Lord Shiva is known for its half bird and half lion body. According to facts and history, Lord Shiva took the form of Sharabha in order to kill Narasimha, the half lion avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Keerat Avatar

It is said that lord Shiva took the form of Keerat or hunter while Arjuna was meditating. Duryodhan had sent a demon named Mooka to kill Arjuna. He heard the loud noise of the demon while meditating. He and Lord Shiva struck the boar at the same time and then Arjuna challenged Keerat, the avatar of Lord Shiva as who would strike the board first. Impressed by Arjuna Vellore, Lord Shiva gifted him his Pashupata.

Tat Purusha

During the 21st Kalpa on earth, Lord Brahma wore yellow clothes. His deep meditation and prayers resulted in the radiant entity when Lord Brahma started chanting the Shiva Gayatri mantras. On completion of chanting, Lord Brahma observed there were several new avatars born- all wearing yellow clothes.


When Lord Brahma desired about the son he started meditating on Shiva mentally. Due to core prayers and meditation, Saraswati manifested herself as an avatar of Vishwarupa after which Ishan came into being. Ishan is known for its crystal-like pure brilliance. After Ishan, Lord Bhrama created four more sons in collaboration with his strong Energy.

Considered as the supreme God in the Hinduism, Lord Shiva is known for having taken a variety of the avatars and incarnations. These were few among the unknown avatars of Lord Shiva.

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