Are you a god, human or demonic ?

As per ancient Vedic astrology each human is classified under one of the following, If you want to know which category you fall into, text me.

Deva Gana: This is the divine nature of god active from birth inside few human beings. Basically people who work for others without any expectation belong to this category. They are full of love and joy and want to make the world a better place for everyone. They do not have any or in some cases very very few attachments, desires and expectations.

Manushya Gana: This is the human nature persisting inside lots of human beings. Basically people who work for themselves and their own family and relatives belong to this group. Full of materialistic desire and running after human goals of temporary fulfilment of the void of internal happiness, they have may desires, expectations and attachments.

Rakshasa Gana: This is the demonic nature persisting inside many human beings. Basically people who work only for themselves. They can’t see others growing in the society. Simply you can’t ask for help from them and If once you can ask for help once, they will behave like that you can’t dare to ask for help next time. Neither are they happy and nor do they want others to be happy. They not only posses countless attachments, desires and attachments but eventually get consumed by them.

Maha Kumbh Festival holy bath ny Siva Om Yoga

Maha Kumbh is approaching! Now is your time to experience spirituality at its absolute glory.