Welcome to Siva Om Yoga. Siva Om Yoga is the yoga hub and community in Greece promoting and practicing the ancient Yoga originated from India. We, at Siva Om Yoga, believe in making your personal and professional life better through meditation, spirituality, healthy living and self-consciousness; or in one word: Yoga.

Our Dharma

SivaOm opens its doors and welcomes all yoga enthusiasts, who wish to experience traditional Indian yoga and meditation practices from first hand. Over the last 10 years we gained sufficient knowledge and skills to bring the 15000 year old tradition of yoga and meditation into the modern world, and create an environment for people to come together, to practice, inspire, cherish and support one another—all through the exploration of yoga on and off the mat.

Yoga is of life

Yoga Education

The best and most authentic Yoga Education in the world can be found only at SivaOm School of Yoga.

We do daily

Daily Yoga

We are the first and only place in Greece with an Indian yoga guru who gives daily group seminars in SivaOm Yoga.

Our Offerings

20 teachers from 5 continents coming together to create a platform to teach Live Yoga classes all around the day, yes you heard us right, we are going live and that also 24-7. Wait there is more good news; it is free till 30th May 2020. More good news, you can decide from daily 16 classes, weekly 112 classes and monthly 450 and take a class of Live Yoga from anyplace at any time.

Karma Yoga Project

The Siva Om Yoga community is engaged in a Karma Yoga project
Siva Om Yoga Classes in Greece, Athens
Siddhartha Shiv Khanna
Upon my gurus advice, who urged me to teach yoga to others in the world, I have been teaching yoga in Greece. I teach students both basic and advanced teacher training courses so that we can create a whole new generation of teachers.
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